Bent Wheel Repair
Wheel Straightening

If your tire is good but not holding air then your rim may be slightly bent. This may be causing a slow leak and should be repaired. In most cases, this repair can be done quickly by our expert techs and they can have you safely back on our Long Island roads in no time.

Reliable Rim Repair uses the the most effective methods for bent wheel repair and we will return your rim back to its perfectly round shape. If you suspect your vehicle has this problem this affordable repair should be done to ensure proper and safe tire usage for your drives.

Repairing bent wheels is the most common service performed at Reliable Rim Repair and we take pride and care with every one of these jobs. Our clients and their family's safety is our top concern and getting it right, the first time, is all we care about.

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Wheel Straightening is our Most Common and Important Repair.

Why are bent wheels most common?
Many new vehicles come equipped with low profile tires and alloy wheels. These tires, by definition, are simply less resistant to damage caused by potholes. Living on Long Island and the New York area puts our roads at higher risk for developing potholes due to the seasonal qualities of where we live. As Long Islanders we are all aware of the damage done to our roads after winter storms hit the area. The best advice we can offer is do not hit a pothole while you drive, unfortunately that is often unavoidable. ExceptAlthough frustrating, just remember that except in the most severe cases, our experts can straighten your wheels and rims and get your vehicle back on the road safely and quickly - at a a surprisingly affordable price.